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Interview with The Know Bartender Shannon


While walking in the Alberta St Art’s District I noticed a small bar with a drawing of Bill Cosby on its door. I wondered what Cos could possibly have to do with a bar in Portland, I thought it might be a jazz bar; I had to be in “The know”, so I opened the door and I was.

It was Super Bowl Sunday and several men sat at the bar watching the game, drinking beer and eating sacks of peanuts.  The Know has a seventies feel to it,  three pinball machines line the back wall and the whole place is decorated with pictures of metal bands that have played there.  There is a backroom where several more men were watching the game on a big screen TV that hung above the stage where bands normally play.

It turns out there is no direct relationship with Bill Cosby the owner just likes to draw. Happy hour goes from 3:00 PM to 7:00PM daily. There is a happy hour snack menu that features many vegetarian items including Tofurky!

I had a chance to talk to Shannon, the bartender over an especially tasty hot toddy. She told me a story that would make a really good commercial for Hamm’s beer.

Eliza: What’s interesting about The Know?

Shannon: We are a regular blue collar neighborhood bar in the day and we switch over to being a music bar at night, then after 11:00 at night we go back to being a regular bar.

Eliza: What’s your oddest bar story?

Shannon: The alley used to be open, people kept scaling the walls like spider man with their arms crossed across their chest  to get up to the roof. One night I went out there and a guy fell off the roof and his shin bone popped right out  we called 911. The paramedics came, but he refused to leave until he finished his Hamm’s.  He never came back. We also had someone living up there once he had a sleeping bag up there. The alley is closed now as a result of everything that happened.

Eliza: What are your Happy hour specials?

Shannon: $3 wells $3.50 drafts Hamm’s, PBRs and Rainer 1.50 until 7:00 P.M.

Eliza: what kind of music do you have here?

Shannon: punk metal and hardcore.

Eliza: Do you have a specialty drink?

Shannon: I like to make hot toddies and Bloody Mary’s we have an amazing Bloody Mary mix here.

Article by Eliza Gale

Published April 28th, 2014

Tags: happy hour, alberta, the know, metal, pinball, hamms, pbr, rainer

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